They choose

They choose Timid people often try to solve a problem of development of the relations, doing nothing.

They choose safety, leaving from risk to be rejected.

But all of us have to take this risk to establish important relationship in life.

Researches show that people foreign each other when they are united by hostile circumstances as at skyjack or by the sinking ship, start interacting almost immediately: I shouted to the old man that I sink, asked it to throw to me a life jacket.

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Integration Integration of all these components into a whole demands the most difficult organization of brain activity of the person.

Psychophysiological Modern to a predstavla reading mechanisms a niya about the highest mental functions are based on P.


Anokhin, L.


Vygotsky, B.


Lomov, A.


Luriyas doctrines and others, the neurophysiological mechanisms of mentality which became founders of system studying According to the theory developed by these researchers, any highest mental function is difficult system which functioning is ensured by a number of the interconnected brain zones.

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The teacher

The teacher and, in, d.

Subject pictures: a rope, a long rope for linen and a clothespeg, a doll carriage, spokes, a needle with a thread, a sledge, jump ropes, a portfolio fig.

and, in, d.

Occupation course.

The teacher shows to the child the first couple of subject pictures: on one The boy is lucky for a string the machine, in it there are toys, on another The boy looks at the same machine, but there is no string.

The teacher allows the child to consider these pictures and speaks; Look attentively, than these pictures differ.

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Our hypothesis

Our hypothesis From this point of view how shyness and an order of the birth can be connected?

If the feeling of inadequacy the general for each child, it the is less, than the child is younger.

Our hypothesis is spoken well also by statistics: percent of the firstborns suffering from shyness much bigger, than among their younger brothers and sisters.

It is interesting that at inspection of students of university, we came to a conclusion that shyness among firstborns is widespread no more, than among other children.

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Even it became

Even it became That it was not inconvenient to you to make the way without turn from the general hall.

From surprise I nearly sat down.

Thank God, in time remembered about seams!

Not for nothing say that appearances are deceptive.

Even it became a shame to me that I badly thought of this person, being guided by a hackneyed cliche.

From now on I will not judge so precipitately people.

kog yes!

To describe that such physical therapy I will hardly be able correctly.

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